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Dental Aesthetics
Hygiene and Prophylaxis
Occlusology and tempomandibular dysfunction


The encounter with the dentist is an important stage in child development with a strong impact on his further growth and progress as an adult. Therefore it is necessary that the first contact occurs at an early age; the child should get acquainted with the dentist gradually, before he experiences pain or more sophisticated dental procedures are required.  As compared to adults, children display specific dental needs and disorders, and the specialists in pediatric dentistry must also treat them in a pleasant environment that should make them feel comfortable. 
We are chiefly focused on tooth decay prevention by healthy nutrition tips, brushing instructions, fluoride treatments and sealing, prophylaxis of dental-maxillary disorders by spotting out and removing bad habits. At the same time, we offer efficient treatments of present dysfunctions in a warm and friendly atmosphere, cozy for the little patient who will no longer be afraid to revisit.

Intalnirea cu medicul dentist face parte din etapele importante pe care copilul le are de parcurs la inceput de drum si care isi pun amprenta in cresterea si dezvoltarea sa ca viitor adult. Din acest motiv, este necesar ca primul contact cu medicul dentist sa aiba loc la o varsta cat mai frageda, iar familializarea cu cabinetul stomatologic sa se realizeze treptat, inainte sa apara dureri sau necesitatea unor manopere stomatologice laborioase.
   Copiii prezinta necesitati si probleme dentare diferite comparativ cu cele ale adultilor, fiind nevoie sa fie tratati de medici specializati in stomatologia pediatrica, intr-o ambianta calda, care-i vor face sa se simta in largul lor.
   Atentia noastra este indreptata in special catre preventia leziunilor carioase prin igiena alimentatiei, instructaj de periaj, fluorizari si sigilari, profilaxia anomaliilor dento-maxilare prin depistarea si deconditionarea obiceiurilor vicioase, dar si tratament de calitate al afectiunilor existente intr-o atmosfera placuta si prietenoasa, confortabila pentru micutul pacient, in care va dori sa revina.